Flexible 12 spline shaft coupling



  • Drum-shaped gear ring gear is the same number of teeth by the ring and the outer teeth of the flange half coupling and other components.
    Foreign teeth are divided into straight and drum teeth two tooth-shaped, the so-called drum teeth is made of spherical teeth.

    The center of the sphere is on the gear axis, The tooth side gap is larger than the normal gear, and the drum-shaped gear coupling can allow larger angular displacement (relative to the straight coupling) to improve the contact condition of the teeth, improve the transmission torque and prolong the service life. Angular contact state along the tooth width.

    CH Series Gear-coupling, minimum backlash between shaft ends, possible applications: e.g. sluices, coal braker, metal planning machine. 

Model: CSTBG
Series:45# Steel 8 holes Single Disc Series
Length: 45~68mm
Outside diameter: 56~87mm
Application:Servo, progressive motor, universal motor connection

Product Details

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